Meet Your Healing Coach-

Dr. Marilyn Neubauer


I have experienced the power of God’s Word. After being told I was dying, I continued to fight the good fight of faith and applied the Word.



I am here to help you receive your miracle.


Through the on-line group coaching as well as one-on-one personal coaching, I can help you as I have helped so many others.

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As a lighthouse guides a lost ship back to shore, I will guide you into the light of God’s Word and bring you into your place of divine healing.

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Dr. Neubauer is an author, international speaker, and distinguished healing coach with an Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree from Cambridge University.


After receiving a miraculous healing from a rare form of cancer, returning from the brink of death at the hands of malaria, and experiencing the miraculous disappearance of a large tumor, Dr. Neubauer began to proclaim and teach on the healing power of God. Her faith in God’s Word and the revelation of Jesus as the Healer has opened an international platform to preach God’s love and divine healing throughout the world.


She has witnessed countless healings on her extensive travels as she has carried the message of Triumphant Living for the total man; spirit, soul and body.


Dr. Neubauer has served in ministry since 1977.  She has traveled from the African bush, to the garbage dumps of Guatemala, from the Arctic to the tropics of the South Pacific. Marilyn has preached the healing message of the Gospel in over 45 countries throughout the Continent of Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, South America and from coast to coast in the United States.  Her practical message of faith has been embraced in both denominational and independent churches.


Marilyn lives in San Diego, California and serves her community as an active Chaplain for the Oceanside Police Department.


Is your life governed by fear? Do the negative reports continue to flood in and symptoms increase? Are you living on a roller coaster of emotions and don’t know how to get off? Does your condition seem hopeless? Be encouraged, the report of the Lord is life, healing and wholeness. This is God’s Word for you!


Through personal coaching, you will learn how to skillfully guard your heart against all negative reports and symptoms. Lock them up and never be tormented again.


There is never a hopeless situation with God.

The scripture in Luke 18:27 brings hope and removes despair.


The things that are impossible with men,

are possible with God.


You could read it like this; the things that are impossible with the doctor, ARE possible with GOD.


As a child of God, healing belongs to you. Today you can jumpstart your victory and turn your situation around. Are you ready? I am here to help you.




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My faith was tested when I was diagnosed with stage four cancer in September of 2017. It was a very difficult and painful time for me. I always knew the Lord would never leave me or forsake me, but there were times that I could hardly pray for myself. I knew my friends were interceding on my behalf, but my strength was failing me.


One thing I did was take my spiritual medicine every day by reading the small book written by Dr. Marilyn Neubauer titled: Instructions from the Great Physician and also read her healing scripture cards.


One of the scriptures that I claim for myself is: Psalm 118:17 I will not die, but live and will proclaim what the Lord has done. I am now proclaiming what the Lord has done in my body. My last 3 PET scans came back with no sign of cancer (my doctor was amazed). Glory and praise to God my healer.



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After giving her heart to the Lord, Andrea testified about her little brother who was going blind.  “It was my little brother you prayed for last night.  About an hour after we returned home from church, he began to shout – mama, mama I can see better. When I saw what Jesus did for my little brother – I had to come to church tonight and give the Lord my heart.”


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Nickolas was healed of a very poor immune system and was on antibiotics daily. This year he said, “I have not had any medication since you prayed for me last year.  Thank you, Marilyn, for coming here again this year and praying with me and telling me how to walk closer to God.”


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When Marilyn prayed, I was immediately healed. Touched by the miracle power of God from crippling arthritis! Now I can jump and bend my knees.    Thank You Jesus!








I have not seen in my 24 years of walking with the Lord, the simplicity of the healing power teaching that you gave us. I have three major life changers that I know that will change my perspective on healing. The first is that the only limit to the power of God is by the individual. The second is the word of our testimony activates the power; Third, we are the soil, and finally, God’s word is the seed. 




I have never heard the message of healing taught with such clarity.  It was so simple to understand. This message on healing has made a great impact on my life.




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* Faith that WINS!

Instructions from the Great Physician

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