Lord you are welcome here.

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Lord you are welcome here. 

As we all know so very well, the Lord has been cast out of our schools, courts, government and city square.  Let’s welcome Him back. 

In the natural, if you were no longer welcomed by your family or friends you would leave and search for new friends and go elsewhere.  But if your family apologized and welcomed you home with open arms, you would return. 

I believe it would be that way with God. 

We want Him back in our schools and courts, our government and city square. So let’s invite Him back and let Him know He is welcome in this place.  This beautiful land called America that we all love and that was birthed on Biblical principles.

He said we have not because we ask not.  We want Him back, but have we actually invited Him back as an effectual fervent prayer.  Not just talk about it, not just expressing our desire for it, but actually letting Him know we welcome Him back. 

Let it become our daily prayer. 

Dear Lord, we YOUR people welcome you here in America.  We YOUR people want you back.  We Your people NEED you.  We acknowledge we are nothing apart from you and we can do nothing apart from you.  Lord you are welcome here! 

Encourage your children and teenagers to pray each day…Dear Lord you are welcome back into our schools.  Come Lord, come back. 

The earnest (heartfelt, continued) prayer of a righteous man makes tremendous power available [dynamic in its working].  James 5:16 b  AMP



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