“Marilyn’s miraculous testimony and dynamic teaching style, as well as her superior ability to demonstrate Biblical concepts into simple understandable truths has blessed our congregation richly. Her sincere message on prayer has inspired all of us to pursue prayer as a lifestyle. Her insights are needful to the Body of Christ.”

Pastor Michael Lokietek, Family Church, NY


“Marilyn is a member of West Coast Life Church. Her unique style of teaching is presented in a simple, clear way that is easy to understand. Her experience and maturity help to strengthen the congregation, as well as the pastor. Whether teaching on love, prayer or healing, the spirit of faith and victory is evident.”

Pastor David Ellis, West Coast Life Church, CA


“Marilyn Neubauer has a special anointing to minister to the sick. Her testimony of healing enables her to relate to those who are sick. She is a good teacher with a solid foundation in God’s Word. She has the ability to encourage the sick to believe for their healing in a simple and positive way. I have relied on her to minister in my absence on several occasions, and will do so in the future. I have been very pleased in the manner in which she has ministered and in her attitude toward me, our church and our people.”

Pastor Mike Webb, Foothill Family Church, CA


“While the truths of Biblical healing ae timeless and unchanging, the revelation God has given Marilyn to teach ‘receiving’ was refreshing and greatly beneficial. I don’t know when I’ve heard a more practical, simple, and yet powerful presentation on receiving healing than I did sitting under her ministry.”

Pastor Tom Villalobos, Oak Valley Family Church, CA


“Marilyn is an anointed teacher of God’s Word. Her compassion for those that are hurting and in need of a life changing encounter with God is what compels her ministry. She brings revelation of the Word which brings positive change to those that receive from her ministry.”

Pastor Sam Smucker, The Worship Center, PA


“Marilyn Neubauer is a minister to the nations, a teacher of the Word and an excellent communicator. We have known her for several years and have found her of excellent reputation and character.”

Dr. Roy Hicks, Formerly of Rancho Bernard Four Square Church, CA


“Marilyn Neubauer has a powerful testimony and is a well seasoned minister, sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit and the needs of the local church. She brings a word in season.”

Pastor Robert Claffey, Victory Community Church, NY


“Marilyn taught in our Bible school in Bogotá, Colombia. She is a seasoned minister who teaches the Word with power and signs following.”

Pastor John Romick, Mission Colombia – Bogotá, Colombia


“Marilyn Neubauer is an authority on the subject of Biblical Healing. Not only does she teach with passion, authority and a rich foundation of the Word of God, but Marilyn has exercised her faith in God’s Word to overcome three near-death encounters her self. We have thoroughly enjoyed her Healing seminar at Power House and recommend her highly.”

Pastor Desmond Frey, Power House Church – Zurich, Switzerland


“The Hindrances to Healing seminar with Marilyn was a tremendous blessing to our church. With great sensitiveness she explained why some people do not receive the healing that belongs to them. Some of the important ‘whys’ in the lives of people were answered clearly while the faith of the congregation for healing grew!”

Pastor Michael Merkt, Gospel Center Brugg – Brugg, Switzerland


“I have personally known Marilyn Neubauer and her Ministry since the year 2002. Since Marilyn has a strong gift and anointing to teach on such matters as physical healing, forgiveness, freedom from bitterness, faith and many other subjects. She not only teaches but also practices the Word of God by laying hands on people and praying for them concerning their physical and also their spiritual needs.”

Pastor Manfred Roth, Biblisches Glaubenszentrum – Schaffhausen, Switzerland


“Rev. Marilyn Neubauer’s miraculous testimony and practical teaching style are a great help and blessing for any church family and visitors. Her passion to see people saved and healed draws people from every walk of life. She has been ministering at our church once a year for many years; it has always been with great power and integrity. Marilyn is a very positive person, it is always uplifting to be around her. She is a very seasoned minister of the Gospel and we highly recommend her to any church or ministry.”

Pastor Toni Heule, Missionszentrum Immanuel – Neu Ulm, Germany


“Marilyn is a woman of God with a sharp cutting edge in the spirit. Sometimes you meet a person that seems to leave a lasting effect on you – Marilyn is such a person. A woman with a call on her life.”

Suzette Hattingh, Voice in the City (Former head intercessor for Reinhard Bonnke) – Germany


“Marilyn’s understanding of God’s Word, empathy with the people and the joy of her ministry and testimony won the hearts of the people. She is a gift to the Body of Christ.”

Pastor Will Graham, Victory Citywide Church – Manchester, England


“Marilyn taught in our second level Bible school. The students ranked her as excellent. She is very thorough and confidence in her teaching and you leave the class feeling like you had truly received instructions from the Word of God. She has a wonderful testimony of healing.”

Marion Zirkle Wright, Living Water Teaching – Quetzaltenango, Guatemala