My Daily Delight – New Edition

My Daily Delight – New Edition

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My Daily Delight in the Lord

The cover has been redesigned and there is a new section at the beginning of the book entitled “Delighting Daily in the Lord.” Before making our faith confessions, we must first understand HOW to delight in the Lord.

The new section covers the following topics:

  • Setting a Priority
  • Developing Intimacy with the Lord
  • Receiving an Impartation
  • Intimacy can be Blocked,
  • Removing the Blockages

The follow sections have been excerpted from the new edition of My Daily Delight in the Lord.

Delighting Daily in the Lord

To delight in someone is to take great pleasure in being in their presence.

It is a joy to Jesus when a person takes time to walk more intimately with Him. – Oswald Chambers

When we come to the place of delighting in the Lord, we will come to the place of intimacy, the secret place. It is a place where the child of God can live – a place that the world doesn’t even know exists.

What a privilege it is that the Lord has invited us to dwell in His presence, a place of safety where we can learn to trust Him totally.

Developing Intimacy with the Lord

O, the fullness, the pleasure, the sheer excitement of knowing God here on earth.  – Jim Elliott

Developing intimacy with the Lord begins with setting a priority to delight daily in Him. Worship is the highest form of prayer. Worship means to draw close with the intent to kiss. As we make it a priority to worship him through prayer and fellowship in His presence, we begin to cultivate a relationship of intimacy.

But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him. John 4:23

The price of the book has remained the same, $6.00 plus shipping.

You can order on-line using a credit card or phone the office: 760-439-1401.

I believe this new edition will be an even greater blessing than the previous.

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