Christmas Day

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Christmas can be a lonely time for many. I once experienced such a time but the Lord showed me the way of escape.

It was 5 days before Christmas and the first time I was ever going to be alone. Even though I was going to be alone, I didn’t want to feel alone and sad. I began praying, “Lord, show me something so I won’t have to feel so alone on Christmas.”

Each day I prayed and the morning of Christmas Eve the Lord showed me the answer. I was reading my morning devotion and this sentence popped off the page at me. “As long as there are people to be loved, you need never to feel alone.”

Immediately I knew how to celebrate Christmas and not feel alone. On Christmas morning I went to a near-by hospital and asked at the nurse’s station if there were any patients that were alone and if I could visit them. The nurse was surprised that I was there yet was pleased to direct me to a few patients that were not having any family visiting them and they were going to be alone.

The first was an elderly gentleman. He was from out of town and too far for his family to travel each day. He was so pleased to have company and someone to visit with. Several times he asked why I was there. I told him I didn’t want him to be alone on Christmas Day. Each time he gave me a big smile in return thanking me for spending time with him.

Next was a middle-aged lady. She was a talker and simply needed someone to listen. Like the elderly gentleman, she asked why I came. When I told her I didn’t want her to be alone on Christmas Day, tears filled her eyes and then asked the Lord to bless me for coming.

When I returned home, my heart was so full of joy and fulfillment that I could not have had a sad moment if I wanted it. I just couldn’t stop praising the Lord for giving me such a wonderful Christmas.

Always remember,

“As long as there are people to be loved, you need never to feel alone.”

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