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373 Salvations in Europe

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Greetings in Jesus name. I trust you are enjoying the goodness of the Lord.

I want to fill you in on a few of the things that took place during this past trip. Sometimes you can’t put everything in a newsletter.

God was on the move for sure. A total of 373 salvations throughout Ireland, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Ireland, my first service was in a Pentecostal church – congregation of 600. The usually attendance for the prayer meeting and midweek service is 300. PTL. I was asked to minister at the prayer meeting. The message was so well received, the pastor asked me to return while I was still in the country so my last day was to be a day of rest, but I minister instead. They would now like me to go to their church in Scotland to preach.

Two other services in Ireland were in an African church. I ministered to 3 young boys who were a part of the worship team. One was 9 and the other two were 11 in age. During the middle of my message I sensed in my spirit that they were not saved. I called them forward and as I was explaining salvation to them, two young girls from the congregation got up out of their seats and wanted to pray also. From that point on I went into ministering to the congregation.

Then to Europe. The first meetings were in the Czech Republic with 29 salvations. Then it was a 3 hour drive to Slovakia from the Czech Republic. When I arrived, three pastors were waiting for me along with a group of about 35 people. They asked if I would have a special meeting right then for these people even before the main service which was to begin in 3 hours. Since they were already waiting for me, I couldn’t say no. They wanted me to teach them on how to be on fire for God. The people were so hungry and began to immediately draw on the anointing. One of the pastors and several others even began to wipe away tears. The Holy Spirit was really moving.

Just a couple hours later we had the evangelistic service in a small hall that held 250 people. The church had used it on several occasions in the past but said it had NEVER been packed out before. This night there was standing room only. Approximately 50 people consisted of the 35 that were in the previous meeting plus a few others from the church came. The pastors were almost speechless when approximately 200 came forward to receive salvation.

All in all, there were 373 salvations during this trip. To God be the glory.

See July’s newsletter for photos and testimonials.

God bless you.


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